Help adding new item to list (database)

Hello Everyone, im new here.

Im trying to add and then display a list of texts/links but it is not working.

They way it works it should work is that i click the “add link” button and then a popup shows allowing me to add the new link i want .

Then i after clicking “add” it shoukd save it in the database (User/List of links) and then display them on the a repeating group that shows all the links.

I already manage to display the list on the screen but only when i add the items to the list manually from the database, but the Im trying to add the new field from the “add” button’s workflow and it doesn’t work.

I don’t know what i’m doing wrong. Could you help me? Also ideally i should be able to delete as well.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hey Yasser1911,

Welcome to Bubble :slight_smile: What’s the content type/data source for your repeating group right now where you’re trying to display the links?

  • Jacob

Hello Jacob,

Thanks for replying.

Here is the data source


You are adding new link to the Current User entry.

So you must “Seach for user’s” with Current User.


Try above with links is not empty.

Solved!!! thanks.