Can't add today's date to a list of dates

I’ve just started a new data type (table) that has a text field and a list of dates field, to test an idea. I entered just some fake data to play around with. I noticed that in the 'Modify an Existing Database Entry" view when I go to add a series of dates into the date list field, I can enter ANY DATE except today’s date (09/24/2019).

Any ideas on what might cause this behavior? Here’s a screenshot,

I happen to be doing a lot with dates right now, so I figured I’d try this. You’re kinda right—it appears to be some sort of weird bug. For the most part, it just doesn’t work. However, if you’re fast about it, it does work!


To get it to work, I typed in 9/23/2019 into the input field, highlighted the “3” character, then hovered over the Add button with my mouse. Then I keyed in a “4” over the “3” a split second before clicking the Add button, and it worked.