Editing Previous Data Field - Not Possible Anymore?

About two months ago, you were allowed to go to data types (after they were created) and modify them.

For example, see “profile image 3” below. I created that two months ago. Now I want to change it to “profile image”. Every time I try to change it, it reverts back to the original.

Can we not change them anymore?


Trying to change

Changes back to original


I did exactly that a couple of hours ago. Close your browser and reopen. If that does not work clear your cache. And if all that fails then restore the deleted field that was ‘Profile Image’ and rename it ‘ZZZ Profile Image’ and delete it again, then try changing the name of the field you want. I don’t think bubble prevent us using the same name twice but that last option is the ‘if all else fails’ option. Good luck with it.

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Thanks @patricia