Can't CONDITION whel element is visible? Bug?


I need help. I am trying to run a workflow, condition - when Floatinggroup is visible

it doesn’t give me the option


Cannot tell specifically why. I suspect is because the animation action does not allow element conditions.

Consider using custom states.

Add a custom state to the page called “visible?” of type yes/no.

Add a condition "only when page’s visible? is “yes” to the animate action

When you want that fg to be visible do not forget to also set the page’s state visible? to “yes”.

This way you fg will animate only when page’s visible? is “yes”

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Showing or hiding an element is implicit (automatic) when animating said element. In other words, if you’re attempting to animate FloatingGroup A, there’s no need to set a condition. It will automatically be “shown” when it’s animated “In”. Note the explanatory text in your screenshot, which says, “This animation will show the element at the end”.


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Thank you very much guys!
I figured it out, condition not on animation, but before it lol oh

thanks so much bubble is driving me crazy sometimes on simple things!

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