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Change property of another element based on the conditional tab

Hi there,

New to but loving it so far! Im just trying to figure out the best way to do this. I have a hidden group element that I would like to be displayed when its hovered over. (its effectively an overlay on the top of another element and shows a bit more information when the user hovers over). I have been looking at the conditional tab to try and do this and what I want to do is a:

When this image is hovered - Set property of group a to be visible. Is this possible with the conditional tab or would it require a workflow?


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Welcome to the Bubble community!

You can do this using a Condition on the element. For the element that you want to appear, under the appearance tab make sure the “Visible on Page Load” checkbox is unchecked, then use the following conditional to make it appear:

When [a currently visible element of your choosing] is hovered
This element is visible [checked yes]

A couple points to remember
This will only make the element appear while the chosen element is hovered
The Condition is set on the Element that you want to appear
The Condition must refer to a visible element being hovered, as you cannot hover an element that is not visible

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Thanks Geoff, that’s really been helpful I had it wrong in my head I was trying to make the condition happen on the element that was causing the action (the visible element) rather than thinking about doing it on the hidden object and listening out for that call. I must say reading through the forums the community is spectacular here and I really appreciate the help and warm welcome.

Just for reference as well since this was an overlay when the group was dispalyed over the top of the Image A that was tiggering the visibility if you moved your mouse it would flash (as tecnically the image wasnt being hovered anymore the group was). So I added another conditial event to say that when the group is hovered to make the element visible too (just in case anyone else sees this and wonders).


Kind Regards


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