Can't create a custom state (Name Missing)

Hey guys, I’m new to bubble and I’m trying to create a custom state but I just can’t.

When I click to create a new custom state the name field is missing, and I can’t name it and so can’t create it.

Can someone help me?

Go to the element you want to create a state for in the design tab. Select it. Press the ‘i’/info/inspect button on the top right of the window. Add a state here

When I do that I have this instead of adding a new state, I can’t create. What can I do?

Something like that is usually fixed by refreshing the editor (and possibly clearing your cache, too). If that doesn’t work, I would submit a bug report.

Edit: I just remembered this thread that includes a reply from Sam at Bubble.

Try disabling certain extensions like password managers as they modify the content of the browser

That worked! Thanks!

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