Issue : Custom State Missing for Sign up

Hey guys!

I can’t resolve this even after searching around.
I have this issue : “Set state of Signup / Login Popup A- Custom state missing / deleted.”

When I check with a new application, I realised that under workflow tab, there is a Custom State called “mode” as the selected dropdown of the Custom State that I’m missing

But I’m not sure how to create a new custom state that’s required for this

Select the element of which the state must change < click on custom state and choose create new state.

Thanks Raymond, I understand that I have to and create a new state. But what’s the parameters or settings I should do for this particular case?

What I suggest is to create a new public app and have look at it’s custom states for the login/signup. They should be “login” for the Log in and “signup” for the Sign up.

Depois de muita luta kkkkk eu consegui resolver no elemento GRUPO principal popup Login/signUp cliquei nele na primeira tela de configuração onde ta escrito “default value” está vazio ai você coloca login . Nao da outra rsrsrs