Can't create new thing with input from dropdown connected to a database

In a form I’ve connected a multi dropdown with categories from an external database to show all the categories. But when setting it up to create a new thing when the form is going to be sent, I can’t connect the field with the chosen input from the form. What am I doing wrong here, is it not supposed to be like below, kategorier (categories) = input kategorier’s value?

One weird thing is that when I set it up like this: “kategorier (categories) = input kategorier’s value:first item”, it all works.

You obviously have a type mismatch… i.e. your Kategorier field is of a different type than the input Kategorier’s value.

They need to be of the same type to be able to save the input value to the field.

What are the types of each?

I created the field in the data types like this, choosing “kategorier” from the database as field type:

And this is how I did the dropdown itself.

What does the issue checker say?

I finally solved it, the issue checker helped. When setting up the data type, multiple entries wasn’t checked

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