How to connect two databases?

Hi all. Could you tell me how the two data types are related to each other? There is a hotel website with a list of all the rooms that are stored in the Rooms database. Each room has a category. The problem arises when the user makes a new entry in the Rooms database, that is, creates a new room.
I have a dropdown that displays room categories from the corresponding database. The user selects the category of the room and by pressing the button in the Rooms database, the data that he entered should be recorded. All data is recorded correctly, except for the room category, which is not recorded at all. What could be the problem? Thanks

Data base type Rooms

Data base type Category

Workflow for button Create

Hi there, @bluesun440… if I understand your post correctly, shouldn’t you be setting the category to the value that was selected in the category dropdown instead of Parent group's Room's category (which doesn’t make sense, to me at least, because you are creating a new room, so what would the parent group’s room’s category be)?


Yep, as @mikeloc points out, you can’t set the Category field to the parent group’s room’s category… as there isn’t a parent group room (you haven’t created it yet)… or if there is a parent group room then it must be a different room (it can’t be the one that doesn’t exist yet), so the value will be incorrect anyway…

The Room Category should be set to the dropdown’s value.

@adamhholmes @mikeloc

Very silly mistake. This because I created custom dropdown, and set custom state. And I should send in data base datas from this custom state. Thank you so much. It’s working correctly now


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Sorry, could you clarify one more question. I did not start a new topic, because I suspect that this is also a rookie mistake question.
I’m trying to change data in a repeating group, via an input field. However, when I build a workflow, and indicate that I need to change the data in a certain row, an error appears. I looked at examples on the Internet, according to them I do everything correctly. Moreover, the value changes in the cell, but remains the same in the database. Thank you



What does the issue checker say the issue is? Are the field type of the price field and the content type of the input element the same?

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that was exactly the problem. The type of the input field and the price field in the database were different. :man_facepalming: Thanks a lot

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