Update reference field from a dropdown input field while creating a new thing

Hi, it was hard to describe the title, and I hope I can explain the issue better.
So I have two Data types:

  1. Feedback
  2. Feature request.

Since I want to have a relation between them, I add this fields:

  1. In Feedback data type - Feature request relation - Feature request data type
  2. In Feature request data type - Related Feedback - Feedback data type

I have created a form to create a new Feedback, and in this form I add a multiselect dropdown which display existing features request titles, and allow the user to add a new one.

NowI am trying to create a new thing (Feedback) after submitting this form, and to populate the field " Feature request relation", but I can’t find a way to do so.
BTW - If the field Feature request relation was a just a simple text field, I managed to so, but it’s not really helping.

Hi there, @amirt… if a thing in the Feedback data type can only be associated with one thing in the Feature data type (which appears to be the case because the Feedback feature relation field is not a list field), then you shouldn’t be using a multiselect dropdown on the form… you should use a regular dropdown.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks @mikeloc
I have tried simple dropdown, and it works. However, the problem with simple dropdown is that I can allow the user to add a new thing while using it.
I can manipulate it with a toggle but it’s a bad UX.
The weird thing is that I have tried also with simple input, and I can’t populate the reference field to create the relation between the two data types.

No, bad UX is giving the user a multiselect dropdown when they can only select one item.

Interfaces where a user can select one thing or create a new thing if the thing they want doesn’t already exist have been done to death. If it was me, I wouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel here.

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It’s a matter of ICP I guess. My ICP are the type of users which can create a new one.
I also don’t think it’s dead at al, as it’s basic part of apps like Notion, ClickUp, Monday and more.
I started to build a popup/floating group, which will act like a Notion style “Dropdown” in which I will add inside a RG of existing things, the chosen one/some at the top + search box to look into the PG and create a new one if not exist.

Sorry for the confusing expression (i.e., done to death). I wasn’t saying that type of interface is dead, I was saying that such an interface has been designed many times over, and none of those designs include using a multi-dropdown to let the user select one (and never more than one) item. Anyway, sounds like you have a plan… best of luck.