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Can't deploy because of my hideously named app, but could this help?

In my Trial period I was learning while creating my first App. But not knowing how things worked I thought it would be a good idea to make a copy of it (as I was used to doing with other platforms). Not knowing that the copy would take the place of my 2 allowable apps under my soon to be future plan.

So then I had my 1) OriginalApp and 2) CopyOfOriginalApp. See where the hideous name comes from?

I started developing a second app in CopyOfOriginalApp. And it turns out I love the second app more than my first app!!! And I am ready for deployment but I can’t. Not with a name like // (not really the name but close to it).

I read that you cannot change the name of an App but what if I did this?

(Do not try this, this is hypothetical. I am asking if it is possible to do.)

  1. Create a Public app with a nice(relevant) name which is a copy of my hideously named app.
  2. Convert my hideously named app to Public, which would leave me an “opening” under my plan to have a new Private app
  3. Convert my app with the nice name from Public to Private since I now have the “opening” under my plan for it.
  4. Once I confirm that everything is OK I could delete my Public app or repurpose it.

So before I venture into dangerous territory, I ask the people at Bubble if this would work. Not sure if I would lose my work if I can’t complete this conversion.

Waiting in anticipation.

Are you planning on having your domain be “” instead of

yes that’s the plan because it has a Facebook login

The Facebook login functionality isn’t related to your domain. It will work on a custom domain just the same; you’ll just need to update the settings in the FB developer’s console to update your redirect URL.

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I believe that URL would need be secured for Facebook which is not offered in my plan, I think.

I think your proposed step of “convert a public app to private” wouldn’t work, although the Bubble team could do this for you.

Seems like I just did it

Nice! :slight_smile:

It was scary but still testing it.

Yes it seems like all is OK. For a moment it was telling me I had 1 private and 2 public but then it actually showed correctly where my former public app with the good name is now my private app and the one with the undesirable name is now my public app. All seems to be working correctly. But I would check with Bubble just in case of any issues.

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