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Can't deploy live, 2 error detected but not listed

Cant deploy live version because syste detect 2 erros but dont list 'em.
I have no idea where to search. Does anyone had same situation?

Really strange. Did you try closing out of your tabs and re-opening your bubble editor?

If the issue persists I’d contact support ([email protected]).

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I didnt, but after reading your reply I tried to close everything, re-open and force refresh page app (ctrl + f5), maybe was cache… But didnt work…

I’ll contact them, thank you

I have same bug!

I found the solution for me !

Click on the Developement button (up/right) and go to the Lastest Live updated verion and go back to devlopmenet version and the error will show

I found the problem.
I’ll describe so maybe can help dev team fix the problem not listing.

It was on header element page.
I’m using a plugin called SLIDE BAR MENU.
Two commands that I provided on workflow (go to page xxxx) I didnt mentioned DATA TO SEND.
When these are missing the system indentifies but not list as things to fix.

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