Can't Display image list from database into RG

I’ve successfully saved a list of images into my database into “Page Uploads” as can be seen here.

Then I attempted to display it into a Repeated group in the next picture but nothing shows when I preview it.

“Trying to make a system of uploading manga pages and previewing in the next page”
I saved it into the database like this-

Any help would be appreciated, sorry if it’s confusing!

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nicely done


I think you are experiencing this issue because you are trying to display the image in a text element instead of an image element.

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I watched a youtube video about it here-
Bubble require us to input each image from the Multi-Uploader one-by-one and store the file also. Like this:


Check out this post I put up months back about how to upload multiple images at the same time using the multifile uploader and how to save them as images and not files so that in the future you can use an image element to display them as well as imgix to process them

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