Can't figure how to filter via a dropdown value

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing good !

I have some problem filtering a list of things via a dropdown value.

I got clothes, both of them having a category (top, pull, jacket…) and a repeating group which doesn’t change showed things via the filtering used value, corresponding to my dropdown value.

Whenever I select a value with my “categories’s dropdown”, the repeating group always show all of my things.

Categories are a dynamic list.

Here is a video showing what I want to do :

And some screenshots of my settings :

I’m pretty sure it isn’t a big deal, I saw a lot of threads on the forums but none actually resolve my issue.

Have a good day you all !


why do you need to use “filtered” as opposed to just adding category as a constraint? Filtered will always be less efficient than using a constraint.

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@SerPounce is right, you shouldn’t need to use filter in that case imo. Although don’t forget to tick the box “Ignore empty constraints” in the Search constraints.
I see you have two conditions on your RG as well, what are those? Make sure they don’t change the data source

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Thank for your help, not at home actually I’ll try to constraint the « do a search » directly with the category.

What I think about is if I’ll be able to change the search with the drop down value.

I’ll tell you within few hours, thank guys !!

@ambroisedlg @SerPounce Alright guys, thank for your help, both of you were right.

The RG’s conditions were interfering with my “do a search” request, everything is working the right way now. Fellin like an idiot, I’m sorry.

For beginners like me, about those filtering questions, check the video :

Have a good day Bubblers !


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