I'm having problem with constraints on repeating groups

Hey people!

I have a marketplace for car rentals and whenever a user clicks on a car rental marker, a popup is opened with the available cars by category (Hatch, sedan, SUV, sport etc), but I’m having trouble at the latter.

My database is set up with these data types: Car rental → vehicle → car model (which has a category field)

When I’m setting the repeating group up I put “vehicle” in the type of content and the data sourse as “search for vehicles”, then I add a constraint of “car model”, but I can’t select the category field, which is inside the car model data type.

I wanted to add a constraint like car model’s category
is “name of the car category”. Eg: Search for vehicles > Constraint car models’ category is “hatch”.

Is it possible to do it? I’ll be glad if y’all could help me with that.

Hi there, @PedroTiago… if I understand your post correctly, you would need to use an advanced filter to do what you described, and the constraint on the filter would look something like this.

If you haven’t used an advanced filter before, be aware that the filter happens on the client (browser) side. So, the search is going to return all of the vehicles in the database to the browser, and then the filter will be applied. As you can imagine, that could have a performance impact, so it’s just something to keep in mind. Oh, and in case you can’t find the Advanced option for the filter, it is all the way at the bottom of the dropdown when you add a constraint to the filter.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Mike, this is exactly what I needed, thank you so much!

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