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Can't figure out how to duplicate RG with workflows and format

Hi everyone, for some reason when I copy and paste a repeating group the workflows do not get included (even if I select copy and paste with workflows).

I’m trying to copy and paste and paste a repeating group 10 times so I can just update the data in each repeating group rather than having to create everything from scratch every time. Would be helpful for any advice…thanks

A quick fix could be copy-pasting the bare repeating group to maintain formatting/styles and then ‘copy with workflows’ and paste the cell contents into the new repeating group that you just created.

Ideally ‘copy with workflows’ should just work with repeating groups as well.

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Would a reusable be a possible answer?

Disclaimer: reusables are my hammer so everything is a nail.


Yes, possibly
Although it depends on how much flexibility you need with each instance of it. I mean if you want the look of one of the 10 reusable instances to be different, that might be a pain.

Is it that some of the workflows arent copied or that none of the workflow are copied?

@blurapps that might be a workaround. I’ll give it a try and report back.

@jared.gibb no workflows are copied over

@rico.trevisan hmm I’ll give that a try! Any downsides of using a lot of reusable elements on a page from a performance perspective?

Thanks, everyone for the advice!

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