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Copy & Pasting Pages

So I’m working on… Instead of using different pages to navigate. Taking the pages and forming them into groups. I can easily do that by right clicking, selecting all, and grouping. My problem is; When I copy that group, and paste it onto another page (because I want all my groups on one page), it doesn’t copy the workflows. So my new group on the page has no workflows, but all the elements. Is there a way that when pasting, it will also paste the previously made workflows, just set the elements in the workflow to the pasted elements?

Hi, thanks for posting! This should be possible if you click “copy with workflows” (this setting can be found within the “Edit” dropdown) after you select all the elements you’d like to copy. I’ve attached a screenshot of where you can find this button! On the new page, make sure to paste using the same method (clicking “paste with workflows”).


Thanks so much!

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