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Noob here…

I’m building an app from a template. I removed some elements from the “index” page and now I want to use them on another page but I can’t figure out where to find them. Did I delete them permanently from the template? Would I have to start over with the template even though the template is still active on this app?

(I’m really hoping that isnt the case because this is an app on the professional plan so would that mean that I’d have to pay all over again? aghhhhh! so lost…)

Thanks for any insight!

Hi Les,

Yes, if you delete an element from your page then it’s gone, although you can always undo changes or revert to a previous time to recover it. But, if you do that you’ll also lose any other changes you’ve made since deleting the element.

If the same (or similar) elements exist on other pages within the same app then you can easily copy them from those pages back onto your index page.

Otherwise, the simplest thing to do will be to create a new app (on the free plan) based on the same template, then copy and paste the elements you need from the new app into your existing app.

You can copy elements from one app to another with or without workflows so, depending on whether there is/was any functionality attached to the elements you deleted can choose either option.

Provided you still have the same data/conditions/associated elements in your app as the original template used, the elements should copy over nice and easily.

If you’ve changed anything they relate to (such as database structure or other elements) then you’ll need to fix/correct those once you copy the elements into your existing app, but considering it’s the same template, there shouldn’t be much you need to do, if anything.

P.S. One thing I often do if I’m making significant changes to a page, including those in apps built from templates, is to make a copy of the page first. Then If I decide I prefer the original design, or if I mess up, or need to fix something I’ve broken, I can refer back to the copy of the original page, and either copy elements or workflows from there, or just see how they were made. Then once I’m happy with my changes, I can delete the ‘backup’ version of the page. It can save a lot of stress and headache when/if things go wrong.



Perhaps this could help:

Add a new app in your account and choose that template.

Look for those missing elements and copy/paste them to your prior app.


Thank you! This is all so helpful and answers a lot of questions… Saved me a ton of time from searching for something that doesn’t exist. Someone had a similar question regarding the plan and being double charged, etc. I was able to just downgrade the faulty app and create a new app from the same template and change the plan without being charged again. I’ll remember to copy pages this time! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this answer! It was way too much to copy/ paste but could be an option in the future!

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