Can't get calendar events to properly store or be displayed

First, thanks to the developers of bubble. The more I delve into this the more excited I get.

I’m having an issue with fullcalendar not saving new event to the selected date. Events are being saved to the current date despite what day I select.

Also data from selected event will not show up on subsequent page’s textbox. The last event created shows up. Help please.

Hi there

I am having the same problem, did you find your way through it?

@medicalresearchtoolb Do you have a link you could share?

Hi, thanks for answering!
I solved that one, I had to change settings in the “design”. I am facing another issue, though: I would like my users to have their contacts displayed on a page and be able to access to their contacts data like appointments, invoices, etc… I am not sure how to do that, I tried using an Excel table but it gets confused, I was wondering if tha repeating Group is better solution…

A repeating group would be great for that. That element is for lists specifically, so you could set it to be a list of contacts and go from there. Each cell can display field values for each contact entry in your database or you can have a button in the cell to trigger workflows like go to another page that is type Contact to display a more expanded view of info or show a group…

HI Romanmg, thanks a lot

th repeating group is working well, but I now have one more problem:I want my users to have the chance to assess their patients with different questionnaires,and then have the data displayed somewhere. There will be many questionnaires and ratingscales, so I’d like the users to see only the data reguarding the questionnaires they did… I tought I could work arournd using a blockspring connection to Google drive, but I can’t make it work, the block “find or create a Google sheet and the add values”

Did anyone here have a problem with the data being displayed?

Mine used to work fine and then all of a sudden my events stopped being displayed on the calendar, so confused. My entries are going into the database just fine but they are not being shown in the calendar.

Any ideas?