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Repeating Group not fully stretching

There is a space between the bottom of the repeating group and the floating group below it. The floating group that the repeating group is contained works just fine when it floats relative to both top and bottom, but the floating group doesn’t seem to do the same thing.

The first picture shows what the site looks like in preview mode and the second shows what it looks like in building mode. Help, I’ve been trying to fix it for 2 days.

So I changed the float to bottom and it shifted everything downward, when I do top it shift everything up, so I tried both and it keeps everything shifted up. floating relative to nothing also doesn’t fix the problem.


I have the exact same problem. Did any one managed to sort out this issue ? (maybe @Diego as the app seems to handle that well).

Many thanks!

Can you share a link with us? It’s difficult to see what’s wrong like this.

Sure. Here is an example.

The objective is to have a repeating list height between the top bar and the bottom bar. The floating group does that well (in red) but there seem to be no way to have a similar behavior for the floating list.


view mode


@sylvainprivat I’m trying to figure out why you did your design like it is. Can you maybe explain what your trying to accomplish? You’ve got one floating group at the top and one at the bottom. Then you’ve got a floating group B that contains another floating group B and a repeating group.

Why the floating group in the floating group?

Your repeating group won’t show correctly until you’ve got data in it.

There wasn’t a floating group in a floating group. But the element naming was very confusing so I corrected it and made sure there is some data.

What I am trying to achieve is to fill a mobile screen with a 50pixel header, a 50pixel footer and a repeating list take all the space in between, regardless of the size of the screen.

It could be that the elment here are not the right way to achieve this objective…

thanks for your answer

Have a look at this example and see if this helps and look at the difference between your page and mine. Is this what you wanted to accomplish?

Raymond, thanks you so much for that !

This is indeed what I am aiming to do.

I had eliminated the “Ext. Vertical Scrolling” because scrolling is not very smooth on a mobile with this component. But it is very smooth with the “Vertical scrolling”

I guess this is maybe the issue that needs to be raised but I am not sure this is because of bubble…

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