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Can't get search to work

I have a search built on this page –

I’m trying to do a similar thing on a different app –

On the first page (listed above) I’m able to update the repeating video group by selecting various options in realtime. In the other page, I’m trying to do the same, but I can’t get the workflow to work.

Here’s the part of the work flow on the working page (first one, above)

Here’s the similar thing I’m trying to make work on the newer page –

Is this because is a multiselect field? And if so, how can I make it work with that?

Thanks so much!!!

@emmanuel, @NigelG, @fayewatson

Hi Jason :slight_smile: I think this is different from your other app because in the new app you’re using the multiselect dropdown, instead of a repeating group of clickable texts which sets a custom state list. Here, I don’t think you’re able to use the custom state “:plus item” function, because the workflow is “When the multidropdown input is changed” instead of when “This text [inside a repeating group] is clicked”.

However, I don’t think you need the custom state list here because the multidropdown generates the list of Bands for you. Instead of adjusting the workflow, I just changed the repeating group filter to have the User’s list of influential bands contain the Multiselect dropdown list value, instead of a custom state list:

*Note: this expression means that the Users must contain all of the Influential bands in the Multiselect dropdown, not just one of them. For example, if the User selects Opeth and Porcupine Tree, only the Users with Opeth and Porcupine Tree in their list will be displayed in the results.

If you placed a limit such as ‘Select Three Bands’ (change the Maximum Items value from 7 to 3), you could change the filtered expression to:

This way, bands containing any of the three search terms will be displayed in the results (not the entire list).

I haven’t used the multiselect dropdown much in my apps, so there may be some clever workarounds that I’m unfamiliar with, but I think this will show the search results correctly. :slight_smile:

Wow that is great, thank you so much @fayewatson. You are a life saver.

One follow up question, is there a way to show all the results, then filter out what doesn’t match the items in the drop down?

For example, when I load the page with no search parameters set, it should show the entire database. Then say I enter “opeth” for the Bands, it should then filter out Users that DON’T match Opeth.

Does that make sense? Like the other App, how it filters out videos that don’t match what you are searching for.

Nevermind, I think I figured it out.

I added - “Multidropdown count is 0 or…” at the beginning and that seems to have done it. So, it seems like now it ignores the dropdown unless something is selected.

Haha, now I need to figure out how to filter based on the age range. I’ve tried a few different things and nothing seems to work.

Currently I have a dropdown for the youngest and another one for the oldest, then I want to use that age range to filter against the Age of the User. Seems like pretty easy thing, but I can’t figure it out lol.

I tried to enter:

But, that’s not doing it.

My pleasure! :slight_smile: I would recommend using the Slider element instead of dropdowns for this so it would read:

“Between the ages of:” [Slider where Users can set a minimum and maximum age)

With the static dropdowns, the value of entries are text, not numbers, so you can’t compare them for a filter (unless you created a new data type containing the possible Age number values, and had the dropdown choices source dynamically display them).

With the slider, you can do a simple constraint in the filter such as “This band’s Age > Slider’s Minimum Value” and “This band’s Age < Slider’s Maximum Value”.

Thanks so much @fayewatson

Trying to set up the slider, but for some reason it doesn’t show any data?

It would need to show the numbers on each slider control. I can’t see why it doesn’t.

Ohh right, the values have to be displayed using a text element. You could put this in the “Between the ages of SliderInput’svalue:min and SliderInput’svalue:max” [Slider Input]. :slight_smile:

That did it, thanks again so much!

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