Why isn't my search/filter working?

Hi all,
I followed Evan Little’s How To Create A Multi Layer Filter In Your App tutorial at. The custom state sets the list but I’m having issues getting the search to filter. The video is often referenced on this forum and it seems to work for everyone else without any hiccups.

My only deviation from Evan’s example is that I have set my custom state to the reusable header element (not the page). The fact that the custom state loads my list gives me confidence that the search is where something has gone wrong and that this deviation is ok.

Thanks to everyone, Chris.

Here are some screenshots to assist with any advice you can provide:

My custom state setup:

My on-page-load workflow for the custom state:

My search workflow:

My repeating group:

My search box:

To view the app, click here: https://noyourbroker.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true

This is where the search and repeating group live (make sure to reduce the page width to access the mobile header):

**If you require app access or further information I can provide a link, but I believe that the above is enough.


It turns out that using the Search Box input is the problem. You need to use the generic INPUT in order for everything to work, but that’s not made clear in the video tutorial.