Can't place new elements

I can’t place elements on the canvas. For example, if I get an icon from the left, hover over where I want to place it so the blue line shows, and click, then the blue line disappears but nothing places. The only way I can get new elements onto my page is copying and pasting from other parts of the editor.

I’ve tried both Safari and Chrome, with no luck. Anyone else?

I don’t seem to be having any trouble here (Chrome).

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Ah, that’s the worst (for me…). Normally I’d clear cookies/caches but it’s two browers. Maybe it’ll fix itself, thanks anyway!

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Yes, I see it too, @georgecollier. The “click-to-place” isn’t working.

What works for me is simply dragging the element from the sidebar to where I want it and dropping. It’s not my preferred technique, but it’s better than copy/paste.

I do plan to report it as a bug.

Cool, this works, and I only learned you can drag elements just now :joy: Thanks for the workaround, I’ll report it too.

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A true drag-and-drop platform!

Yeah, and I just heard back from support that this issue has been resolved already. I wasn’t expecting a resolution on a Friday evening, but I’ve confirmed that “click-to-place” is now working again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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