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Can't populate "List of..." custom field when creating a record

I created a Custom Data Type called Question.
I also have a Custom Data Type called Feature.
Each Question needs to be associated with multiple Features. So…

  1. In the Questions data type, I added a new field:
    Field name = Features
    Field type = Feature (selected the custom data type in dropdown)
    This field is a list (multiple items) = checked this box
  2. From the Data tab, I try to create a new Question record, but the “Features” input area is greyed out.
  3. Can’t see any input option in the UI builder to enable multi-selecting values.

How can I create a 1-to-many association between 2 first-class data types???

Hey @djwideman, you won’t be able to manually add list items to a list field from the data view. You’ll need to create an interface for yourself to add list items through workflows. Just make it super simple for your needs.

One suggestion is have a repeating group of questions and then have a “multiselect dropdown element” to add features to that question. Have a button in each cell to save the features you “tagged” in the multiselect element to the Features field for that Question. Or you can autobind the multiselect value to the Question’s Features.

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Thanks for the tips! I’ve built a few admin UIs to do this, but couldn’t find the “multiselect dropdown element”. Is that a custom plugin or am I just blind? :slight_smile:

It’s a plugin! “Multiselect Dropdown” - Its icon is red/blue diamonds.

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That worked great, thanks!

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@romanmg , now that I got that licked one more question:
Have you found an Action plugin or trick to “Create Multiple Things”, so I can take the response to a single Question which has multiple Features associated, and create a set of new “Rating” things (feature name, score), one per associated Feature?