Can't Save Files Under Root On Production

I’ve uploaded 4 files to dev under the root of the domain but for some reason when i try and upload the same 4 files to production it is not working or doing anything. It won’t even save. Am i doing something wrong?

Could it be that the root is the same for both?

No, they are version-specific it says.

When you flip to live the files from dev aren’t there as well but you can’t load them to live or do anything.

Did you deploy from test to live?

That worked.

I assumed ‘version-specific’ meant we needed to upload the files to the live side independent of the dev side just like everything else, but I see it now in root on live. Perhaps editing the description so that it doesn’t cause confusion is appropriate.

You may cancel bug report - 2030.

Thanks again.

Is there a limitation with javascript files?

When i click ‘see’ i see the file is in AWS, but not accessible at Root level.

2 of 4 files uploaded fine and are visible at root for a verification but the 2 JS files i need aren’t visible at root / although they say they’re there in the editor.

Responded to your email as well. The url should be where filename is whatever you enter in the input in Settings rather than the name of the file itself (file123.js).

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