Can't search user based on email


I’m building a workflow that sends a password reset email with Sendgrid. Everything is working, but I want to make it personal. So I want to say ‘Hi John’ for example.

I want to do a search on users whereby the email = input password reset’s value. Then take the first name. Unfortunately this workflow is sending the email, but can’t find the first name.

How can I make this work? I’ve tried things like ‘contains’ instead of =, trimmed, lowercase etc.

The way you have done it should work. I have tried it, it works.

Try it out without this workflow.
Insert an input field and a text field on a page. Then make a Search for Users:first item 's name in the text field with email = Input as a constraint. Test inserting an email into the input field where there is a name and see if this works in general.

It was a privacy condition.

Thanks for your reply. It was due my privacy conditions

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