Bubble App Updates Due to Zapier


I use a couple Zapier Zaps in my Bubble app. I’ve noticed recently that my app randomly updates on the live branch requiring user’s to reload the page, potentially losing progress.

I think I have determined that when I edit a Zap that is linked to my Bubble app, the app automatically pushes an update. This poses multiple issues.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Impossible. Just FYI there always random ghost edits that occur within your editor. I’ll launch an editor I have used in a week or so, and just by launching it will trigger “page has been updated”.

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Ok. Why impossible?

Zapier doesn’t change your Bubble data or settings in any shape or form at any point at any time. Why would your Bubble app update when you change something on Zapier? What’s changing on Bubble? Your link? No.

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Actually, it does. When you have a zap via the Zapier plugin it is either active or not active (as shown in the attached image).

The status of the Zap in bubble is determined by the ‘App Version’ you set in Zapier (as shown in the second image). When you publish a Zap using the version-test, it updates the status of the Zap in Bubble from not active to active (in dev). When you edit the Zap and republish under Live, it updates the status, in Bubble to Active, thus making it active on Live.

With this said, when you have a Zap that is published under Live both in Zapier and in your Bubble app, it will trigger successfully. But when you republish the Zap under version-test, the action in your live Bubble app that triggers this Zap no longer works. This presumable triggers the live update.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 6.53.53 PM

…I know how Zapier works. You cannot tell me making a change on Zapier makes your app itself cause an update to occur.

“You must refresh this page as the app has changed since your last visit, etc.”

Zapier should not be able to make updates to your app. That would be a serious security issue.

Though I did experience something similar, but the 2 times it happened was because of a plugin. Even then it was because I did not set the plugin up properly.

Try check if it’s a plugin issue using step by step mode in the debugger.

Which plugin was it? The Zapier one?

It was a csv exporter plugin and then something else.

@GH5T @ihsanzainal84

I have just tested 5 times - each time, whenever I unpublish a live Zap that is connected to Bubble my Bubble app updates (on live) requiring an app refresh.

I am not touching Bubble, simple unpublishing a Zap.

This is a Bubble support issue then.

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The symptoms sound like mine and looks more to be an issue with the plugin. You should contact the plugin author unless it’s made by Bubble.

It’s made by Bubble.

I submitted a bug report



Haha. Sorry you had to deal with this. Regardless this is not something that should happen, so we obviously expected it to be something else.

So a Bubble plugin issue or a Zapier issue? I would hope it was on the Bubble side of things.

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