Can't see logo from SEO section

I filled in the SEO field in Setting, but can’t see the logo or description when I share my LINK.
Do I need to do anything else?

Maybe some of these fields?

Hi there, I think you have to push these changes to Live, have you tried that yet?

Can you post some screenshots of how you do it?
I think i did it right (my first time) so dont know whats going wrong.

Certainly - to be clear, I’m referring to the main ‘Deploy to Live’ that you’d use to push any changes you’ve made to your app. This is in the top right of the editor, the ‘Main’ button:

And once you click on ‘Main’, on the dropdown that shows up, you’ll want to choose ‘Deploy to Live’, the big blue button:

I did that 10 times by now.
Nothing changes.

When you hit the ‘Test/Refresh Image’ button are you getting the correct image?

Where do i find this button?

It’s this button from your screenshot - let us know if it’s launching the upload you’re trying to get to work, or the older one that isn’t updating:

I see this error.
How do i sokve it?
Screenshot_20231105_001328_Samsung Internet

I believe that’s referring to having something in your site’s header that Facebook interacts with to know what site it’s coming from. For the purposes of the issue you’re dealing with here, this would be unrelated.

So what do i do?

What picture did you get when you clicked the Test/refresh image link? The newer one or the one you can’t seem to replace?

My picture that I want to see.

One thing to check - each page also has it’s settings for that page’s particular SEO / link preview. Check that the page you are working with doesn’t have anything already populated as that would override your main page settings:

It’s also possible that the website / social media you are using to check your link’s preview has cached an earlier version of your site and you just need to wait until it re-caches. I believe you can force Facebook to re-cache using the ‘scrape again’ button on their tool (which again is accessible via the Test/Refresh Image link):

My index page has the exact same seo properties as the seo in my settings, the other pages I havent touched.
I just scraped it again and the error keeps showing:

The error is not relevant to not seeing your logo / image on link preview. For the purposes of this discussion, you can disregard that missing properties warning.

So what causes the error then?
I really dont know

Since this topic was originally about your logo displaying in link preview - is that now working?

There are other pages you can read about the error you mentioned specific to Facebook - not a Bubble issue.

No logo or description is not showing in google or when i share it.
So still same situation.

Not showing in google results: