Recommend Users to the Current User by comparing data of Current User and other Users

Hey everyone,

im really stuck on this one and I hope the community can help me with this.

I want to recommend other users of the database to the current user, if they work in the same Industry, have same interests or the same objectives.

I dont know how to tell bubble that it still shows a user even if not every data field is identical.


Thanks for your post! We offer a “:ranked by” operator that’s commonly used for matching users for a dating app, for example. Could something like that work for you?

Yes that could work for me, but how do i turn my data fields that are text or a list of things into numerical field? How do I tell bubble the priority of the fields and to still match users even if one field is not matching but all the others do perfectly?

Maybe you have a clue on how to do this? I dont know how this works out or even if its possible with bubble.

best regards!

If you are looking to specify field priority as well, the :ranked by operator doesn’t offer that functionality just yet. By chance, have you already checked out this thread? It’s been helpful for several users looking to sort a list based on a metric of their own making.

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