Cant view usage capacity in Hobby plan?

Hello, I’m trying to see how much my workflow would consume in a real escenario.
But there is not any metric inside capacity, it’s because i’m in Hobby plan?

Is there any method to see how much your app is consuming without paying anything? I run a lot of workflows and I would like to know if this is viable without paying; maybe it isn’t and I would spend $29 for nothing

I believe if you do under the start input: 24 hours ago it’ll show you capacity from the last 24 hours. It won’t render any real-time usage without a paid plan

I’ve put it in 24 hours ago and 48 hours ago - Graphic is still the same: 0% usage
I’ve run a lot of workflows these days so this is no sense?

Just a couple of things to point out here…

Firstly, as it says on the page in red, on the Hobby plan you don’t have access to CPU usage data.

The chart you’ve circled does NOT show CPU usage (that’s shown on a different chart that you don’t see on the hobby plan). The chart you’ve circled shows periods where your app has hit maximum capacity. So unless your app is hitting maximum capacity at times it will just show a flat line at 0 (which it does).

Secondly, server capacity is less about how many workflow’s you’re running, and more about what those workflows are doing and how they interact with the server.

Bear in mind, on the Hobby plan you can’t run backend workflows, so it really depends what your current client-side workflows are doing as to how much (if any) capacity they’ll be using.

If they are purely for handling on-page actions, like setting states, hiding/showing elements etc, then they won’t be using any server capacity at all. If they’re reading and writing a lot of data to the database then they will be using more, but again it depends on what they do rather than how many there are.

As far as I know there is no way to check server usage on the Hobby plan so, if you’re that concerned, one option is to upgrade to the cheapest paid plan just temporarily in order to access the CPU usage charts and check your data there.

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