Capacity exceeded: instant notification?

I would like to be notified immediately if my app exceeds its capacity (rather than wait for the once-per-day email, which I tend to receive around 5 am).

Whenever it happens, the server log immediately records “Workflow error - Operation timed out – app too busy”

But unfortunately there is no backend workflow event that can be triggered for this situation.

Is there a way to get notified when the capacity is exceeded, such as by monitoring the server logs?

@lindsay_knowcode @petter @vini_brito Would you gurus know how to immediately detect when Bubble capacity is exceeded?

Thank you!

Doubt it

I am working on a Database Backup service for Bubble - and as part of it, I am monitoring the response headers. In particular XBubbleCapacityUsed and XBubbleCapacityLimit. Just because they sound so obviously useful! :slight_smile:

I haven’t figured it out yet - what exactly do these numbers mean? I am trying to correlate these against capacity and see if we can use any of these numbers to detect when we are nearing capacity limits before we get an “app too busy” problem.

Not a great answer but just posting here in case someone else has any insights into what those values in the response headers mean.

xBubbleCapacityUsed: 1.588 unit-seconds used xBubbleCapacityLimit: 1930.1 ms slower 2462.2 xBubblePerf: 
    "total": 2462.2,
    "percents": {
        "top": {
            "bubble_cpu": 0.9,
            "block": 21.6,

Very cool @lindsay_knowcode! I don’t know what those mean either but I am confident you’ll figure it out soon.

When you do, it will not be the first time that you solve a problem which was previously believed to be impossible!!

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If not through the good lead that Lindsay has found, we could work out an automated web browser solution that stays logged in and checking the app editor capacity log page 24/7 and then reacts when capacity is reported by the graphs to be on certain levels, like 70%, then 90% then oh my god it is now 100%.

Saying this just because Keith doubted it :joy:
Where there is a will there is a way.


@vini_britoI I implemented it a long time ago (secret sauce).


It’s OK to doubt my doubts because “that’s just my opinion, maaan”. @vini_brito :wink:

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Sorry @JohnMark but I don’t get the joke…did you figure out how to implement this? Thanks for any help you can share

Hello @greg18

The solution has been said by @vini_brito : “automated web browser solution”. I can’t go into the details, but it’s about automating the process as you need it and activating a higher plan and capacity on demand. Bubble will be offering this soon. It’s not worth it in my opinion to get into this.

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