Capacity Reached...what must I do now?

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I just launched my website yesterday. It has no backend or things etc. I sent out my first newsletter linking to the site and the newsletter shows that the site had just over 100 unique clicks in the last 24 hours. I am on the personal plan.

Today I received this email from Bubble and am struggling to understand what it means. Is there something I need to do…or is there extra charges I should expect at the end of the month?


We are sending this email to let you know that your application … has hit its maximum capacity usage for 35 minutes over the last 24 hours.

You can add more capacity for better performance and to prevent your app from being rate-limited. You can also test how your app will behave with a capacity boost for free (up to three times a month) in the [Editor].

You can also analyse your application’s capacity usage and control the threshold for these automated email notifications in the [Logs Tab].

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help in scaling your application.


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Something was doing too much processing power in a short amount of time… I would say look at logs and find where the spike in capacity is and see which WF it was.

However also look at your WU usage and see what plan you fall into right now, the capacity pricing model is going away in a year and instead will be Workload Units. Some are switching now to either save money, or avoid capacity issues like what you’re seeing.

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Hi there, @phrase9… congrats on the launch! About that email, I have received the same email in the past, and there isn’t necessarily anything for you to do other than consider that the Personal plan might not be meeting your capacity needs (and you can obviously look into why you hit your capacity, but I think your question was focused on the email). To the best of my knowledge, the only way that hitting your max capacity manifests itself is a degraded experience for your end users (maybe the site/app was slow, maybe it didn’t load at all, etc.), and you shouldn’t see any extra charges at the end of the month.

The problem with the email is that you get it after the fact, and your users have already run into any issues that could have been avoided if you had known in real time that your app was approaching/hitting its capacity. For any and all of its faults, that is one thing the new workload unit pricing is trying to address. If you move to the new pricing (which you will have to do if the Personal plan is not meeting your needs), your app would no longer be throttled if you hit capacity (or, rather, run out of workload units), but you would pay overage charges.

Anyway, sorry for the long-winded answer, but again, you don’t necessarily have to do anything about the email (although, if you don’t do anything at all, you will probably keep hitting your capacity), and you shouldn’t see extra charges at the end of the month.



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Thanks Guys. @mikeloc its reassuring to know that I dont have to pay overcharges for now. Do I understand correctly that I hit a daily capacity and not monthly capacity?

What is disappointing is that my site is no more than a landing page, an about page and a contact us page. No backend, no users no workflows other than buttons that reveal popups. Nobody used my contact forms so for 100 site visits to get me to capacity is disappointing.

This is a side project. For my actual project (an internal tool for my company) I am really going to have to study this work unit concept


It’s not really daily or monthly capacity, it’s just capacity, and you are always somewhere on the scale of using none of your capacity to hitting your max capacity for some period of time. When you hit your max capacity, you get rate-limited, and you get an email about it after the fact.

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Bubble’s recent webinar made the analogy:

Capacity: Speed limit
Workload Units: Distance limit (Then overage charges past your plan’s monthly limit) So you can “get a certain amount of things done” in your month regardless of how quickly you ask it to be done.

So you got that email because you asked too much from your Personal plan in a short amount of time. Most likely if you got that email and it says 35 minutes, somewhere in your logs you have some errors “Timeout - App too busy” so some workflow didn’t run somewhere.


Let’s also keep in mind a speed limit of 10MPH gets you a lot farther in a month than a limit of 100 miles a month.

Like a lot.

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I also think it may be a recent mess they made. I have an app that doesn’t get any traffic and it hit capacity yesterday (or so the email says)

I also have an app that does get traffic that “reached capacity” but when I dug into the logs it absolutely did not match the emails suggested capacity length.

We are sending this email to let you know that your application ------ has hit its maximum capacity usage for 163 minutes over the last 24 hours.

560 WUs in the last 30 Days
166 Workflows in May

Either the capacity has been killed off 1000% or the reporting is wrong - which bodes well for the WU era.

This is a paid, non WU plan.


I have been reaching the capacity way too often as well now. And that is even after I added extra capacity :frowning:

And the debugging is absolutely not possible.

One of the things I have been wondering is that “calculating how much wu each action is taking” must be also a quite cpu consuming thing and it is now happening for each action. Is that itself consuming our own capacity and increasing WUs too?

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I wonder how much money bubble makes from these faulty emails scaring customers into thinking their apps are hitting capacity.

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Don’t put that tin foil hat away just yet - last night I tried adding 50k plus records to my database and, while this sort of action always timed out on me, the acceptable rate of upload I found is much smaller than in past uploads. If I add any more than 50 records every 30 seconds, I get timeouts / app busy errors.

I recently pre-paid for a year of the prior personal plan. We thinking this was an accidental degradation of performance related to something else Bubble is doing? What’s the word on why?


Our dedicated instance took a lil shit today and I only did 35k workflows in an hour which isn’t similar to the work I’ve put it thru in the past and we experienced several timeout messages today.

I was surprised tbh


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