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Carouse — Enjoyment Made Simple

Meet carouse,

We’re a social media platform putting events center stage. We help events find people, people find caterers, and caterers find work.

Centralizing local events and empowering communities to shape them is our main goal. With Carouse, there’s no excuse for a boring weekend. Anyone can post an event—whether you’re a teenager promoting your band’s first real gig, a bar hosting a mixer, or a fiance trying to find a within-budget caterer. All of this can be achieved with ease on our platform.

this is my solo project. It’s taken me 11 days to build and since it’s my first, I’m pretty proud of it. There’s currently no data in your area because it’s crowdsourced by users (Feel free to add some ;]) but if you’d like to see an example, input ‘Wilmington, NC’ and cilck ‘go.’ Any/all feedback is welcome.


Did you take it down?

yeah i closed it; might try again with a different approach one day

I think its great you were at least able to use bubble to test it out with. Great you gave it a good try in face of the odds.

It was worth building to completion if only to learn haha. I think the hardest part is narrowing your scope? and this project was very broad, especially when you’re doing everything by yourself. I still believe that a platform connecting caterers to people would be successful, but it’s something I care less about than other projects I want to get off the ground. and i still have the domain! so who knows what i’ll do with it.

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