[Showcase] FREE TEMPLATE - Event Management Marketplace Like Eventbrite

Hello again Bubblers :star_struck: :star_struck:

Announcing my second template launch. :clinking_glasses:

About two weeks ago, I started to build a FREE template library, hoping this may help bubblers build faster and create more creative solutions.

Event Management Marketplace Like Eventbrite

Template Page

Designed by Nalfe, this template is a is event creation, management, and ticketing platform for event organisers and participants.

It enables hosts to create and promote local events while visitors can browse events easily. Both of them can add events to their calendar with one click.



If you find any bugs, want any customisations/changes/support in the template, feel free to ask any questions below or drop us a request. For new Bubblers, understanding the custom states, conditionals, and some workflows can be hard. Please ask here if you need any further explanations.


As I mentioned, I collect new template ideas from this community. So if you got any template build in mind, please reply to this thread. I’ll add your idea to my to-do list.

Happy bubbling!!! :relaxed: :relaxed:

Hi, Thanks for creating this!

Does the template come built with functionality for admin to set site commission percentage on ticket sales? i.e. for every ticket sold on the platform $1 fee is collected for platform owner?

Nice! If I may ask. Do you use the standard calander plugin from Bubble? If so how did you style it the way it looks now. Looks good imo