Finally did it. EQUI.CC , quite a simple platform to find jobs, gigs, necessary people and basically anything you can think of

Have been working on this idea for couple years and never really had an opportunity to make a product (not a coder myself). It was intended to be a much more complicated mobile app, with much more functionality etc, but you know, MVP they say.

So bubble helped me build it with close to none knowledge of coding (just a little of html/css/js, very limited knowledge).

It’s kind of a social network, where people can post requests of anything they are looking for, categorizing them by city and category. Users can sort the wall by specifying cities and categories to filter only those requests they want to see.

Users have a small profile with star rating and reviews. Posted requests can have a photo attached (croppie yaay). Comments can be left for requests (posts). There are some notification functionalities, like if anyone left a comment to your request or a request that you add to your watchlist.

Well also it has a chat, so users can drop private messages for each other with some notifications as well.

Everything seems to work without bugs and stuff.

Technically i launch this MVP in Georgia (country), so its actual functionality is limited to 1 country (Only Georgian cities listed), but it’s in 3 languages (including English), so you can just check it out and see if it makes any sense.

If there’s anything you like about the app and you want to know how to do it, feel free to reach out, i’ll be happy to help.

P.S. it took me about 1 month after i first found out about bubble and before i launched this project yesterday.

App is at:

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