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Center Text Vertically Issue - Anyone else?

Anyone else seeing a weird bug with ‘center text vertically’ with the new responsive engine?

It was fine a little while ago and all of a sudden everything is off. Only me?

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It’s always off, even on the old one

Hi Jason,

I too have noticed that it doesn’t seem to work with the the NRE. It does work for me with the legacy layout engine.

Seems worthy of a bug report, but I haven’t yet submitted one.

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Thanks @sudsy It seems like it just happened to my app today though. So weird. I submitted a bug, but they still haven’t fixed the bug that I submitted from last week. So… Not sure when they are going to fix it. Seems they are overloaded right now. I’m tired of working in the new responsive engine. There are too many big bugs right now. It’s really awesome. Just too many bugs right now with popups and things like this. :cry:

So a temporary fix is to just uncheck the check box and check it again, it fixes the issue. That’s pretty annoying. :disappointed:

EDIT: Never mind, it only worked once. Now it’s not fixing other ones again.

I’m having the same issue. Glad I’m not alone here.

@J805 would appreciate if you could share any updates on the bug / tracking if support comes back with that.

This is what I have from support so far:

Checking back in here, we’ve received a couple of reports of this in the new engine. Currently this behavior looks to be isolated to text elements with a fixed height and our engineers are currently working on a fix for that. We’ll keep you posted when our engineers are able to deploy that fix!

I have a lot of bugs currently in the queue but nothing has been fixed so far. It’s been over a week. :cry: I’m just trying to learn patience. :blush:


Thanks for that. My temporary fix is to manually add top/bottom margins, but not a great solution.

Yeah, I have to change mine over to buttons but I lose the ability to add icons like this [fa] fa-home [/fa]. I hope they fix it soon. They said they are working on it. :blush:

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