Center Text Vertically not working for Dynamic Data

Hi, when using the “Center Text Vertically” capability for a text element, Bubble seems to calculate the center of the object “before” it puts the text into the placeholder. The net result is that while the text has not bee retrieved, the calculated center is way too low which forces the content to then cascade downwards.

Bubble then either truncates the text (see below) or extends the bottom of the placeholder to make the text centered. This yields an unacceptable display format.

To reproduce…place text on a page along side another object of the same height for comparison. Select the “Center the text vertically” option turned on. Make the text a Do Search for query that returns 20 lines rather than just one.

When this renders, you will see that the text starts where the center was calculated in the development environment, not where the real center should be once the content is loaded.

Has anyone found a way to fix this?

Can this be fixed?


I am having this same issue, would love to find a fix

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Exactly! Center text vertically should center text vertically. This setting doesn’t. It starts the text at the vertical center, which really seems useless.


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