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Center vertically

The option to center an item vertically within it’s parent element would be amazing. From what I can tell currently the only option is “Center relative to parent”, but that just centers the item horizontally.


2nd this.

Yes that’s an easy one, we’ll add that shortly.


Awesome! Thanks for the quick response.

It’s pushed :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thank you!

Have you a example? Distribute H and V, how it work?

Centered Horizontally - equal space on left and right of image that is contained within the blue group.

Centered Vertically - equal space on top and bottom of image that is contained within the blue group.


Thanks again!

Well this Thread is a golden oldie. I actually came here for dynamic vertical centering for an element within a group, meaning when the groups on the right are hidden the element still searches the verical center point:

Can this be done without adding empty groups around the element?

Hello everybody,
Just trying this again, does anybody have an idea about my question right above here :arrow_up:?

Fro extra information: To the right you see multiple groups that will be shown or hidden depending on choices of the user and the parent group of all elements you see here will change it size accordingly. I want the ‘Search’ square you see to the left to always find the vertical center of this parent group. Currently I achieve this by surrounding the search square with empty groups and then hiding/showing them, but there probably is a more elegant way to achieve this.
Any ideas?

Darn, this is a seriously unpopular question.

Please berate me if this question is so stupid it is not even worth answering ( and then point me in the so completely obvious direction while rolling your eyes).

Also if I do find the solution myself I will add it here with a good couple of keywords, as I have found many times the completely obvious small things which apparently do not even have to be mentioned in manual orBubble references, can have you searching for a long time.

And of course, a Happy New Year to everybody here!

We have advanced 6 month in time…perhaps now somebody knows how you can get dynamic vertical alignment :yum:?

I don’t think there is a really good way to do this. Anyone have an idea?

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Hi J805,

Thanks for working on this, I super appreciate it!

I made a gif to show you the problem:

When you look at the icons, you see that when I check the box a text appears with extra input box, or an image appears causing the icons not to be vertically centered anymore. Because it can be anything that appears ( I mean this is dynamic, depending on the user), working with invisble groups and hidding and showing them is really cumbersome. Just have not found an other way yet to do it :slight_smile:

Really appreciate you attempt ( which you edited out later :wink: )

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