Certified Bubble developer for project

Hey everyone,

On behalf of an app owner I’m looking for a certified Bubble developer who can do some work on an existing app. The work involves exploring the use of AI to identify and process news stories within specific genres, and possible to generate and publish content on an existing Bubble-made platform.

The job will start off with discussing with the app owner feasible strategies, so a general knowledge on AI tools will be needed.

Let me know if this is interesting!


Hello Petter,

While I’m not a certified Bubble developer, I do possess experience with AI projects. Could you please provide an email address where I can send you my portfolio?

Thank you,

Hey Petter,

Hope you’re doing great! I wanted to quickly fill you in on what we’re up to at aicado.ai.

We’ve launched Aicado – it’s a platform where we offer open-source AI models for machine learning, accessible to everyone. Plus, we’ve got this handy Bubble plugin that makes it really easy to integrate these models into Bubble apps. We can generate or identify contents using various LLM models. Right now, we have 10 different models ready to go, and we’re working on more.

If this catches your interest and you want to know more, we can discuss about it! Feel free to DM me, or if you prefer, book a quick call at Calendly - Batuhan Mergüz.

Take care,

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Happy to help, can find my stuff at https://notquiteunicorns.xyz and multiple AI tool contributions including inline web browsing / long term memory / function calling. Can walk you through some past client projects.

Hey all,

Thanks for all the messages in response to this! The position has now been filled :raised_hands: