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Checking Get data from page URL value against a "Do a Search" not possible?

For the life of me I can’t seem to figure this one out. I am using page URL variables in order to control which groups on screen are hidden or shown. Up until now I’ve been fine manually entering my variable (“ui”) but for a feature to work I need to check the “Get data from page URL” value against a search in the database.

Any idea how this can be done? Thanks!

Hi @philip

I’m using “Get data from page URL” a lot. Check out here
Editor :

I’m showing and hiding admin pages, based on URLs. You can also do this using custom states, but if you refresh the page then customs states will reset.

Can you add another “and” condition?

Thanks for replying. In my case, I am allowing users to set the name of some of the UI views and I need to be able to call a dynamic UI view. When I search for and retrieve a new UI view text string in the URL is “…” the Bubble editor deletes the text and starts over from blank. Is this a bug?

Can anyone confirm they can Do a search inside a Get data from Page URL function?

can you share a link to editor?

Ah, the issue was only occurring when I was adding on :lowercase and/or :find&replace to the Search. Without additional params the search does work for my needs. I will have to store 2 version of the text in the DB but I suppose that’s not all bad.

@philip question about what you’re doing: Does modifying the URL of the page allow the browser’s “back button” to control the state of groups on the page? I’m a big fan of the “single page application” style, but haven’t been able to get Bubble to play nice with the back button. Just curious if this solves that.

Yes! Back button does work, one of the best features of our app IMO (speed). That is exactly what I’m doing, and willing to sacrifice 1 workflow per button click to force the slugs customizable and user-generated. By setting a conditional statement on a hidden group (if current user is logged in AND if current user’s custom ui slug matches the ui slug in the address bar) as well as using workflows on button clicks loading the same page (index) but with data in the URL (?ui=…" ) you can get some very fast loading interfaces.

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Awesome news. Might be worth putting together a tutorial or something, I’d gladly pay for some content that shows cool stuff like this!

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I will certainly keep that in mind! I’ve been so busy trying to wrap up our app for beta clients that I haven’t even considered time towards teaching.