Conditional based on Database data (solved)

HI guys,

I want to change color of Group or a shape when a data in my database is equal to a specific value.

I could define the database entry (the data is there) but i could not figure out how to use conditional in a ELEMENT (a shape, for example) and make it change color to red when i have one specific data like “DELAYED”.

Probably is not working because i´m not familiar enough using Database data inside “Elements”.

Would you guys have a quit explanation how to do it? Or a more extensive documentation how to deal with database data inside elements?

Many thanks


It’s pretty easy to do.

Just double click on your element and goto conditions. Then Press define another condition.

In the box that appears you probably want to Do a Search - which lets you look at your database table. Pick the right table then submit when you go back to the condition you can then pick the Delayed Field then after it will say “more” click on “more” and you can add your condition sign then what kind of condition you want.

After the condition you can set what you want to happen to the element - ie your color change.

John, thank you for you replay.

Yes, i was there!! I can make the color change for example “empty, not empty”.

But i cannot make it work with specific TEXT, like> delayed

what i did is: Search for textdb:last item is ??? what would be the condition to find a text in a db?


Ah - so are you looking for a specific text? “delayed”

If so you just type it in after “is” but important note bubble is case sensitive.

If you’re just checking to see if there is something in the database field then I would do “is not” empty.

SOLVED: Thanks John!

Note for the next newbie!!

When you are working on database options in a element, a secondary windows opens in the left to help you find more options like database names etc.

That confused me because i start to select parameters also in this secondary windows (like "is) and the final result in the element windows became a mess.

The final result should be a clear statement in the element windows:

When: Search for statusdb:last item´s statusfinaldb is delayed

Background color is



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Right - the secondary window lets you do filtering on the table you are looking at so if you wanted to filter there you can. This is useful for doing multiple filters or if you need to refine a dataset first before looking for a specific value.

Glad you could figure it out :slight_smile:

Is bubble io database has relational database or not