Change chart info depending on year using bubble DB

I have a big form with a lot of inputs, those inputs connected to bubble DB and now i need to display charts with that info depending on the year/month info was submited.

Using two droopdowns i need to be able to change the year and month and the charts update with the same info but different year/month.

Is it possible? i was going to use queries but then i noticed bubble DB doesn’t support queries.


Hey @produccion,

What do you mean by “Bubble DB doesn’t support queries”?
In your case, I suggest you use two custom states (current year and current month) that you can update when the dropdown values change.

You can set a default value for them and build your charts relative to these both states

Thanks for your answer!, i’ll try that.
I mean that you cannot use queries to filter data from the bubble DB, but you can do it from a external db

You’re welcome!