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Default value when using Option Sets

Hi all, I keep running into the same red issue, simple answer I’m sure. But since switching all my Dropdowns to Option Sets I’m struggling to set defaults, see screenshot… what am I doing wrong, pls?


It seems your dropdown’s parent group’s data type which apparently is called “contact” has a field named contacttype of type “text”. Change that field’s type to your new options set “contacttype”.


Hope this helps :+1:

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It seems to be a data type mismatch…

What is the datatype of the ‘Contact type’ field on the user? The issue checker is saying it’s a text, when obviously it should be a ‘contactType’.

If you recently changed over to option sets perhaps you forgot to change the data type of the related fields, or maybe you now have two fields, and are using the wrong one here.

Perhaps a screenshot of your datatypes from your database would make it easier to see what the issue may be…

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Ah thanks guys, yes that’s tripped me up. I need to change the datatype in the dB. That said, how do I do that? I don’t see anywhere to edit the datatype. Do I have to do that via API workflow?

Yeah, you can’t change the ‘type’ of an existing field.

So you’ll need to create a new one, and if you have existing data you need to change then you’ll need to set up a backend workflow and run it on the Contacts.