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Change Font family as Dynamic Data with conditions

I am trying to change the font family of a page with parameter URL?ID=pageID where I want each page to have a specific font family type.
The font family is link dynamicaly to a Database:

PageID 1= open sans
PageID 2= Roboto
Page ID 3= Arial

Anyone know if it’s possible to do that?

I have tryied to look for Dynamic Data in conditions but look like it’s not there

Any Idea on how to do this?
Is It possible to get Dynamic Data in conditions to have different dont on Different page?

Let me know

If you set some conditions you can change the font.

But can I dynamicaly change the font using ?URL parameter

If page ?url parameter = customer1 then font is Roboto
If page ?url parameter = Customer 2 then font is Arial

I want to attached a font type to a ?url parameter, how to do that?

Well you can build a condition based on the URL parameter, then in the condition do what you want.

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