Change HTML link based on input


I have forms on Jotform and each submission has its own ID. I want to embed these submission in Bubble through the HTML element, linked to each client.
So that you can see the specific submission (embed) in the Bubble client dashboard.

Is there a way to do this (automatically)?

If not, can I manually enter the SubmissionID into the database so that Bubble can modify the HTML itself and retrieve the specific submission?

Cause of HIPAA i use jotform, and not forms created in Bubble

Thank you in advance

Can anyone help me please?

I think your thread is not clear enough or there are no one faced similar problems before.

You can share more details like samples, or screenshots of your setups, expected results etc. to see if it works.

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Hi @indicatiezorgnederla
You need to create an integration between the two systems.

For example,

On the bubble side you would need to create an API endpoint using a backend workflow (this feature is only available in paid accounts).
On Jetform you would need to set up a webhook that will sent a event to your bubble API endpoint whenever a form is submitted.
Once a jetform is submitted your API endpoint will initiate a backend point that can update your app data.

I hope this is helpful. If this is something you already know, can you please add more details about the issue you are having?

Good Luck!

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@eldad1 thank you for your help.

No I didn’t know that. I don’t know much about API’s, So I am going to figure out how to integrate your steps.

One question…My forms on Jotform are HIPAA compliant and so are their API’s. Everything is send encrypted. Would this be a problem for the Bubble endpoint?

The APIs are sent over https which uses TLS to encrypt data in transit. Bubble also encrypts the data in rest.

However, that does not mean itself is HIPAA compliant. I think there are some posts about that in the forum. You may be able to design a system that is HIPAA compliant on top of bubble.


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Thank you @eldad1 , I am going to research it further.

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