Change index page button isnt working

In my project pp I have created a screen called “home” this is supposed to be the landing screen when you click on the website however I didn’t make it on the default “index” page which is what loads when you deploy the app. I have tried to change the “home” page to the “index” page using the built in button for this however when I do this the bubble icon pulses indefinitely and does not change the home page to the index page.


This picture is the what I have seen endlessly - I have tried the basic troubleshooting; restarted bubble, chrome and my PC but no luck.

I read a thread that looked like a very similar problem from a couple years ago and a bug fix was created that apparently fixed it for the people on the thread but I am currently having the issue. The thread is None of my sites will let me change index page - #6 by mday849

Assuming its a bug based on the other thread but wanted to know if anyone had come across this issue and had a solution that isn’t a bug fix to be done by bubble dev team.


I am having this exact problem as well today. Would love to know if there’s a solution.

I submitted a bug report for it and they are aware. Apparently working on it now and a patch will be released for it :slight_smile:

Same problem here, this is the log in my console:

Hope they fix it soon!

Having the exact same issue, hopefully a fix will be made soon

Still nothing back from them, they said they will let me know once its sorted

Same issue here

I have the same issue as well :frowning:

The patch has been released. It is now working for me :slight_smile:

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