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I need help to figure out how I can change a URL in to my on words in a text but I still want the URL (link) to work as a link. I know that I can check the box “recognize links and emails”, the only problem with that is that the URL or website I link to need´s to have the whole URL (e.g. I would like to wright “About us” in the text but the user should still be able to click on “About us” and be linked to “”.

I´ve tride to install a couple of plug-ins but it does´nt work. If you have any suggestions on plug-ins or anyting else I would be very happy!

Please help me :slight_smile:

hi, you can use html element

One of the ways, I currently do this is as follows.
I use BBCode and uncheck recognize links and emails in the Text Element.

Here’s how you would implement your example.
Read More About Us here.
In the above line: About Us will become a hyperlink. You can also add a [color=#XXXXXX] [/color] around the text, to give it a different color.

Read More [ ] About Us [ /url ] here.
*Remove the extra spaces in the BBCode. I intentionally put a space so that you can see how it’s done.

It’s not the simplest way to enter the data, but for static links, it seems to work fine for me.


WOW! Thank you so much! Now I can continue :slight_smile:

nice, if you decide to use bbcode, this might be helpful to you.

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