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Change OAuth success message displayed

Is there a way to change the pop-up message after an OAuth API is successfully logged in?

The message says:
“You have successfully initialized the OAuth2 connection for this API. You can go back to the Editor and keep building!”

My app Users will be authorizing my app through OAuth, so they’ll be seeing this message that’s really meant for the developers. I don’t see the option to change the message in the App Settings - > Application texts and messages.


This message is only visible to the app owner, when the debugger is on.

I thought OAuth authentication only happens with the debugger on. When I don’t use the debugger to authenticate, then I’m unable to initialize any further api calls from the api provider. I the app owner am not doing the OAuth authentication, my users are doing this directly, so they would see this message. How can I resolve this?

I think you’re trying to do something that Bubble doesn’t support. The API call initialization has to be done by the app owner, not the user. So again, only you sees this message.

The premise of my app is to have 3rd party stores connect to my app (via OAuth) so that I can read their store info into my app. I only need these store/users to authenticate as I can’t do it for them because it would require credentialed access to their store. They would not initialize any further calls. Once they authenticate my app through OAuth then I would follow up and initialize further api calls.

Given this scenario, is there a way to hide this message? (and the debugger?)

The debugger will be hidden (hence the message) for anyone that doesn’t have edit rights on the app.

Ok, thank you!