Change picture in the repeting group when the profil is updated

Hello everyone,

I am creating a clone X to train myself on Bubble.
I am almost at the end.

When I clik on the button “Tweet”, the tweet txet, the username and the picture are sending in the repeating group, the feed.
Until then, i am good.

But when I modify my profile picture and/or username, the pic and/or username stay the same than before in the repeating group.
This is because, the workflow save the picture and the username in another Database.

But how could I sa at Bubble to update the picture and the username when the profile is modify ?

Below the picture of the workflow to understand how it builds

Thank you

First of all why are you doing that?

But, if you insist then you’ll just have to update the relevant fields on ALL the Tweets anytime a User changes their profile or username (presumably using a database trigger).

But that’s highly inefficient, costly in WU, and not really scalable (and unnecessary).

Is there a particular reason you’re doing things this way?

Hello Adam,

Tahnk you for your reply.
Yes there is a reason why I did that.

This X is not a clone X but a fake X. I explain.
This Fake X is for training the communication manager.

So there are :
one interface with one profile (the communication manager)
One interface for the animator/facilitator with several profiles.
And they need to see the tweets on the repeating group.

So, the User Data Type is not useful for this kind of app. So, I created a datatype for the profile (and the only one) communication manager and another data type for the facilitator with several profiles.

I hope I am clear enough.

So with this structure, is it possible to update the picture and the username when the profile is modify ?

Thank you

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