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Change Property Editor Body field rich text editor from BBCode to html

I’m trying to send a simple infrequent email to users using the default email function (we use MailChimp for lists) in Bubble but discovered the Body field “rich text editor” uses BBCode and doesn’t support line breaks [br]. Would be great if we could use html since it is more universal and has all the features you would need to do real page formatting.

In looking for a work around to my problem on the forum, it looks like many people are asking for the same feature in one way or the other.

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Aren’t there any text editor plugins that outputs HTML?

The problem I am having is if I include any tags in the body field as html, it doesn’t interpret the tags and instead displays them as text. It will interpret some BBcode but not all…

If there is any rich text editor that outputs HTML, i’m looking for it